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Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

I hope my fellow aviators and families have an excellent holiday season. The weather can often be dicey, but there will be some superb flying days, too, so I hope you have an opportunity to get out and "aviate." The 2013 Known sequences are out and below is the Sportsman sequence. It looks challenging. A note about the Aresti symbols: The figures are numbered in order of execution, starting with 1. A figure starts with the little black dot, and ends with the "T" shape. The dotted lines are just used to join two figures (not as an indicator of vertical flight). The red "2x4" means a half-roll (or two of a 4 points over 360 degrees).
The sequence begins with a pull, pull, pull humpty bump (1), hammerhead (2), reverse shark's tooth (3), loop (4), reverse shark's tooth with a half-roll on the 45 degree downline (5), Cuban 8(6), Immelman (7), hesitation roll (8), looks like a 45 downline followed by a Immelman (9, and can't find it in the Aresti dictionary), and a roll (10). One trouble spot I see is after the Immelman (7) in that energy is lost at the top of that during the half-roll portion of the Immelman, and up next is a hesitation roll. Those are fairly easy at 100 mph, but one doesn't nearly have enough speed after the Immelman (so a longer horizontal line is drawn to build some speed). Looks like a lot of fun! Come on out to GVE and we'll turn the Decathlon upside down. Happy Holidays!