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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Up and Running

The 100 hour/annual is complete, the airplane's been flown a couple times to ensure all is operating correctly, and we've flown some acro, too. After a couple weeks off, my G tolerance is diminished, so I'll be flying often to build that up (yeah, that's my excuse). Mornings are primetime for smooth air and good visibility (until that warm, moist Gulf air moves in). I'll be posting syllabi for introductory acro and unusual attitude recovery instruction on the web for download. Although I follow a regimented and sequential instruction method, having something concrete to look at will help pilots understand the process. Okay, hope everyone is gearing up for the prime flying season that is upon us. Blue skies and tailwinds....

Friday, April 8, 2011

100 Hour/Annual In Progress

The Decathlon is undergoing an inspection before the busy flying year takes off. A few items as a result of the past year's acro that need some attention include replacing engine Lord mounts and resetting and securing some rib nails. Neither are too major, but require some time consuming labor to fix. It's my hope that I'll finish the work this weekend (4/9 & 4/10). I elected to replace the original gascolator with a Steve's Aircraft gascolator. These units are well designed and manufactured, allowing easy service and daily fuel inspection. The replacement was preemptive as the original gascolator is no longer supported by American Champion. The airplane's opened up, waiting for some mirror and flashlight inspection and if you have a chance, come out and pear into the bowels of a '78 8KCAB.

Blue Skies!