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Friday, May 18, 2012

Working Stiff - Weekends Only

It doesn't take a degree in meteorology to see that this is prime time for some excellent flying. Temps aren't very high and the spring winds have headed elsewhere. I hope you're aviating when able. Since I landed a nice contract with a pharamceutical manufacturer to provide technical writing services, over in The Valley, I've had to scale back instruction to weekends only. My apologies if this somehow affects your ability to fly with me. By compressing my availability to weekends, it requires some advance reservations as I'm typically booked out three to four weeks. My latest goal is to temporarily abandon the glider rating and persue competing in the East Coast Aerobatic Contest, to be held at Warrenton in September. I'll be developing a freestyle sequence over the next few weeks, and continue to practice the Sportman Known sequence (below) ad nauseum. Practice makes perfect! This weekend looks like a nice one. Hope to see you out at the airport!