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Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday and Facebook

I hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable holiday weekend. Take someone for an airplane ride if you get the chance. It may change their perspective about things.
The last few days have been excellent aviating opportunities. I flew with a couple of primary students this week. One has turned the corner in his landings, the other, with just a handful of flights definitely has the "fire in the belly" when it comes to flying. A tailwheel student will take to the skies for his first attempt at landing a conventional gear airplane tomorrow morning. We'll head to Louisa Country/Freeman Field (LKU) for some landing practice in the grass. Should be fun!

Some time ago I generated a Facebook presence for Aero Enterprises. I've totally ignored it until today, where I posted a few remarks. If you have a hankering, friend me there and post away.

Blue skies to you all, and see you at the airport.