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Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Blog Posting

Hello from Dan Rogers with my first posting to this new blog. As I get my bearings, this blog should contain current information about my activities with acro, unusual attitude recovery, and tailwheel instruction at the end of 2010 and into 2011. All very exciting!


  1. Hey Dan, What does a routine look like on paper for an aerobatic routine such as the ones you use for competitions? Could you post one here as an example?

  2. Hey Faith, I've posted an Aresti notation sequence "A" for the proposed Sportsman sequence for this year. The powers that be will decide what the sequence will be comprised of and publish that shortly. There's a proposal "B" sequence, too, which I have not posted. Each figure is numbered, the figures are performed in sequential order, 1 - 10. Figure 1, a loop, is first, and each figure starts with the black dot (or "1" in case of the first figure) and ends at the short perpendicular line. Dashed lines indicate inverted flight. Little curved arrows on a figure indicate a roll (usually a 1/2-roll from inverted/upright flight to upright/inverted flight.

  3. Okay, the 2011 Sportsman known sequence has been decided by the International Aerobatics Club (IAC) and I've posted it in this thread. Looks like a whooping two reverse half-Cuban eights split by a pull pull humpty, which ought to be an energy riddle to be figured out in this years practices sessions.

  4. My bad. Figure 6 is simply a half Cuban eight, followed by the humpty bump, then a reverse half Cuban eight. Starting at 1 we have a 45 upline, followed by a 1-1/4 turn spin, hammer head with a 1/4-roll on the downline to a shark's tooth, a loop, then figures 6, 7, 8 as noted above, to a slow roll, finishing with a 270 degree aerobatic turn.